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Version 2.0 of the XKCD app brings only one new feature and it’s a great big one. This release brings the xkcd ‘Archive’, the entire back catalogue of over 700 comics, going right back to the 1st one ‘Barrel – Part 1‘. Now you can view every comic that was ever made, on your TV.

The very first xkcd comic in xkcd boxee app version 2

Feature Rundown

  • Using left and right on your remote/keyboard you can flick through all the comics one by one.
  • As there’s over 700 comics, these don’t all get downloaded all at once (you’ll be glad to know). The comics get downloaded in batches of 10, so you’ll notice a small pause, and the working dialog appear, every 10 comics viewed.
  • There’s 2 buttons in the top right that allow you to skip to the very 1st or very latest comic.
  • It’s in beta for now as there’s a few kinks and improvements required.

Now the bad news, for those of you that already have the xkcd app. There’s a bug in Boxee that means that this update wont appear for you automatically. The good-ish news, is there’s a workaround. If you already have the app in ‘My Apps’ in Boxee, remove it from ‘My Apps’ and then re-add it. For anyone that is new to the xkcd app, you’ll just get this version 2.0 of app. Please give your support and vote up the bug to get it fixed. Thanks.

To get XKCD in Boxee add our repository in repositories under Apps.

18 Apr 2010

XKCD 2.0

Author: Tom Philip | Filed under: App Releases

XKCD is an award winning webcomic from Randall Munroe, a former contractor for NASA. The comics feature stick figures and subject varies widely but the tagline pretty much says it all “A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language”.

Screenshot of XKCD app in Boxee

What’s Coming Next For XKCD

  • I’d like to get it to use the player so people can recommend and rate the comics but I gave up in the end it, couldn’t get it to work. Although I think it looks quite neat without.
  • I might have to do some work with scrolling if the comic height is quite large. I’ll see how they are as they turn up.

Want anything else? Leave some comments. Ta.

To get XKCD in Boxee add our repository in the App Box.

19 Sep 2009

XKCD v1.0

Author: Tom Philip | Filed under: App Releases