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The XKCD Boxee app has some new features. It now has a remote control, to navigate to more comics.

xkcd remote control

The remote control is tucked away in a drawer at the bottom of the screen. Push either up or down on your remote to open the drawer. The remote control has 5 navigation buttons (from left to right)

  • Latest – navigates to the latest comic
  • Skip forward – skips forward 20 comics
  • Random – jumps to a random comic
  • Skip back – skips back 20 comics
  • First – navigates to the first ever comic

Menu key(back) or up/down closes the drawer.

It’s also available outside of Boxee as XKCD Couch in the browser.

Enjoy :)

18 Mar 2012

XKCD – Remote Control

Author: Tom Philip | Filed under: App Releases

Introducing the all new XKCD app for Boxee. With the Boxee remote in hand you can now sit on your couch and flick through XKCD comics.

In this first version you can navigate left and right through comics one by one and hit the select key to show the alt text for the comic. Features like, jumping to first/latest comic and random comic are on their way.

XKCD Boxee App

The new app came about because the XKCD app from the Great Boxee repository has been broken in the Boxee Box for a while now. There was no information in the logs as to why, it just didn’t load, which left me stuck (btw in 1.5 it just started working again! typical). So I have re-written the app from the ground up as a html5 type app. It’s available now in the Boxee app library (not via Great Boxee’s repositoty). As well as a Boxee app, it’s also available outside of Boxee at, allowing a lot more people to reach the app.

This marks the beginning of the end for the Great Boxee repository.  It seems there isn’t much love for them at Boxee and problems in the past have made them unworkable. I will keep it open for the time being for those still on Boxee 0.9.x as the new XKCD app, being a html5 type one, only works in Boxee v1.0 and above. The current app works fine in the 0.9.x clients.

Enjoy :) and I welcome your feedback.

For more about the technology behind it on my personal blog.

30 Jan 2012

XKCD App Reborn

Author: Tom Philip | Filed under: App Releases